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Physically Based Rendering
- DirectX 12
- Different materials
- Area lights (spherical, capsule, rectangle, disk)
- Specular and diffuse environment lighting
- Pre-Filtered Environment Maps. Split Sum Approximation for specular env map.

Line-Sweep Ambient Occlusion

- DirectX 12, compute shader
- My Implementation of Line-Sweep Ambient Obscurance
- Comparison with V-Ray ray tracing and Alchemy Ambient Occlusion
- Larger & smooth occlusion in comparison with Alchemy AO
- Not well tuned, some artifacts due to screen space nature of algorithm
- Algorithm developed by Ville Timonen (http://wili.cc/research/lsao/)
- Was used in Quantum Break (2016, Remedy Entertainment)

Screen Space Soft Shadows

- DirectX 12
- Implementation of technique from GPU Pro 6 (Marton Tamas and Viktor Heisenberger)
- Varied penumbra size. Very soft. Cheap in comparison with PCSS

Opengl 4 demo

- ambient occlusion with interleaved sampling
- shadows with variative penumbra
- volumetric shadows
- tiled deferred shading (use linked list to create dynamic lights list)
- hierarchical-Z map based occlusion culling (with lods)
- fully gpu scene-draw using MultyDrawIndirect
- global illumination (deferred radiance transfer volumes)

Deffered Shading: 1.simple 2.light accumulation 3.tiled ds

Thin (1 rgba8) gbuffer:
1.Y’CbCr color + chroma subsampling
2.normal stereographic projection
Hierarchical-Z map based occlusion culling

Ambient occlusion

1.StarCraft2 ao
2.Alchemy ao
3.Horizon based ao


1.Simple uniform (+pcf, jitter pcf, pcss, vsm)
2.PSM, Perspective shadowmap
3.LiSPSM, Light Space Perceptive Shadow Maps
4.RTW shadows, Rectilinear Texture Warping for Fast Adaptive Shadow Mapping
5.PSSM + vsm, Parallel split shadow maps + vsm
6.LiSPSM + vsm
7.SAVSM, Summed area variance shadow maps

Landscape rendering

1.Instancing patch tessellation
2.Dynamic level of detail
3.High close-view texture detalization

Other demos

1.Previous ao & shadows demo
2.Water rendering, water waves physics, landscape editor
Contacts: wizard.work@mail.ru - Gerlits (Wizard) Anatoliy